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Gapgun Blade Tip
Clearance Measurement
GapGun collects measurements up to 3x faster than traditional manual techniques and records results automatically. Automatic reporting mechanisms mean results can be output in a wide range of formats for easy integration into existing customer networks. Third Dimension’s dedicated applications team have developed a bespoke standoff that is critical to the precision and ease of measurement. Info

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Test report documents suitability of measuring system TubeInspect for deployment in the aerospace industry
Quality demands on tube manufacturing in the aerospace industry are considerably more stringent than in other industrial sectors. In order to determine the suitability of the optical tube measuring system TubeInspect for this sector, PFW Aerospace AG carried out an extensive measurement system analysis. Info

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3D Rapid surveying of Solar Panels at Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
At Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH the component testing under burdening of solar panels is part of a vast standard testing routine. In this context, also parameters for stiffness and flatness of the panel are determined. For the necessary measurement system Eurocopter now relies on the AICON photogrammetric measurement technique and has been using the successfully the mobile 3D measurement system DPA. Info

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MoveInspect HR
Space travel with solar power
DLR uses MoveInspect HR to measure solar sail booms. The booms are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) which has the qualities of being very light and at the same time extremely stiff.
The masts are currently being produced in single pieces with lengths from 2.8 m to 14 m and weighing no more than 70 grams per meter. The diameters range from 30 to 150 mm depending on type of boom. They are composed of two long omega-shaped half-shells and can be rolled up for transport. Thanks to a special mechanism, the solar sails and the booms unfold automatically. Info