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Digitalization of the Renaissance Inner Courtyard of the Vélez Blanco Castle at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
New scanning procedures make it possible to create replicas of objects of art without the need for “touching” them – it is of tantamount importance to avoid damaging these objects. Traditionally, resins or silicones were used to create casting moulds from the objects of art – a process fraught with risk since parts of the object might easily remain stuck to the silicone or resin of the mould. Info


3D Digitizing of The Venus of Vestonice
In order to preserve cultural heritage, Edico digitizes and files various types of historical artifacts. One of them (and among the most remarkable) is The Venus of Vestonice. The task was oriented on virtual study on created 3D model, e.g. its shape, surface tracking and tools that were used in its making process. Info