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TubeInspect at Daimler:
Tube measuring system closely linked to bending machines
Brake and fuel pipes for the E and S Class from Mercedes-Benz are manufactured in the tube production plant in Sindelfingen, Germany. Supplied in fixed sizes, ready-cut tubes are first provided with fittings on an automatic tube end processing machine, swaged if necessary, and then formed on bending machines. Despite their different makes and years of manufacture, the tube bending machines have one thing in common: their quality check takes place on the AICON tube measuring machine TubeInspect. Info


Optical system for the inspection of bodyshell parts
Saving time and money
Customers see the surface quality of a vehicle in close relation to the quality of the overall vehicle. This is why automobile manufacturers are eager to make sure that the bodyshell surface of their vehicles is absolutely perfect. During all steps of the process chain, experienced staff members constantly inspect the surface and rework it, if required. Significant cost reduction can be achieved if defects are found quickly and as early in the production cycle as possible and then classified objectively according to their severity. Info


Modular flexible references
Robot-controlled system measures prototype parts
Time and accuracy are essential in checking the dimensions of prototype parts, such as doors, hoods and trunk lids. At Audi AG in Ingolstadt, Germany, this challenge is met using a robot-assisted 3D digitizing system from Steinbichler Optotechnik, Neubeuern. The results delivered by the system help the car manufacturer optimize the manufacturing process. Info


Comet 5: Automated Robot-Assisted Application
Process optimization and reduction of the time and work involved in initial sample production by the installation of an in-house inspection system in Regensburg, on the occasion of the new BMW 1 series model. High-precision dimensional accuracy inspection and quality assurance through new inspection method. Info

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TubeInspect S
Fast contour check of plastic pipes at TI Automotive
TI Automotive is, as the name suggests, a global supplier in the automotive sector. As a leading manufacturer of fuel storage and fluid carrying systems for braking and powertrain applications, the company cultivates worldwide relationships with all important automakers. Today, approximately 30 million cars built every year rely on TI’s technology. Info


Deformation analysis in a climate chamber
Climatic tests are carried out for the evaluation of environmental influences on new production materials. In order to determine 3D deformations arising during the tests, the mobile 3D industrial measurement system AICON 3D Studio DPA is the ideal tool. The results of a large number of measuring points are available within minutes, and graphical output options make the interpretation of deformations much easier. Info

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Central surface inspection station at Daimler press shop in Sindelfingen
Daimler AG has introduced a fully automatic ABIS II surface inspection system as a central audit station at their press shop 2 in Sindelfingen, Germany. The system, which was implemented in November 2008, achieves the highest degree of automation, the greatest flexibility and the highest throughput compared to systems used by other automakers. Info

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Perfect surfaces and documented automotive body shell quality
For the first time, an automotive supplier of car body shells is using ABIS II technology for quality control and documentation. Based on the close supplier-customer relationship between Gestamp Polska (press shop Wrzesnia/Poland) and VW Nutzfahrzeuge/Commercial Vehicles (Poznan/Poland), the responsible quality managers of both companies had investigated the technical possibilities for optical surface inspection. As a result, Gestamp and VW Nutzfahrzeuge decided to purchase an ABIS II offline system for on-site operation in the press shop of Gestamp Polska. Info

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From test bench to test track – ika relies on WheelWatch
Ever since cars have been built, engineers have worked on the design and development of various chassis components to enhance vehicle comfort and at the same time improve active safety. The Chassis Division at the Institute for Motor Vehicles (ika) of the RWTH Aachen University is also committed to these working principles. Since 2013 the ika has successfully deployed WheelWatch for their examinations of the driving dynamics of vehicles. Info

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3D Digitizing with STEINBICHLER COMET 5 and COMET L3D
The Automotive industry is looking to expand its operations in many developing markets and pricing of the product plays a crucial role. One of the challenges is rolling out their globally accepted models at competitive prices. In today’s demanding market conditions, customers know exactly what to expect from a product and factors like customer experience, value for money, design, and aesthetics play critical roles in deciding the fate of a product. Info

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Viridian Automotive & Central Scanning
Like many great ideas, Viridian Automotive was born over a few pints of good ale in a country pub where car enthusiasts were discussing the sorrowful demise of the British specialist sports car industry […]. After thoroughly researching the scanning industry it was clear that Central Scanning, with its experience of a previous Porsche RS61 replica project, had the necessary skills and expertise to fulfill Viridian’s requirements. Central Scanning’s brief was to digitize the full-size foam buck as well as specific components for use in the Solidworks chassis design including the engine, gearbox, steering column and master cylinder. Info