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Football Giants for Euro 2008
With gigantic sculptures of football players and football boots, the sportswear manufacturer Adidas has caused a stir in Zurich (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria). B&T Bau & Technologie GmbH, a company located in Raubling, Germany, is specialized in bracing technology and sophisticated special formwork solutions for concrete constructions. In search of a technology capable of achieving the required precision, the experts at B&T contacted Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH in Neubeuern, Germany. Steinbichler’s COMET 5 3D digitizing system (based on white light fringe projection) proved ideal for acquiring the geometry data of the original boots down to the finest detail. Info

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TubeInspect S
Two specialists: The German tube manufacturer EMW counts on TubeInspect S for prototyping
A specialist in the area of tube manufacturing-EMW from Türkenfeld, a small town close to Munich, uses this title with good reason. The medium sized company has successfully developed from a classical metalwork shop to a modern, creative tube manufacturing workshop. Since summer 2006, EMW has applied AICON’s optical tube measuring system TubeInspect S for measuring sample tubes and setting-up the bending machines. Info


Automated optical 3D measurement system for quality assurance in sheet metal forming
Quality control for the series production of home appliances at Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte in Traunreut, Germany, used to be based on coordinate measuring machines. Last year, the tactile measuring system was replaced by optical 3D measuring technology from Steinbichler Optotechnik in Neubeuern, Germany. This increased the reliability of the production process and reduced the costs. Info

Case study_TubeInspect replaces measuring arm

TubeInspect replaces articulated arm
The Swiss tube manufacturer Serto has replaced his articulated arm by AICON’s tube measuring system TubeInspect. With TubeInspect, the team around production manager Joe Girtanner could not only decrease manufacturing costs significantly. Also the time to acquire data of new tubes is many times shorter now. Info


3D Measurement of windows for luxury yachts
The manufacturing of windows for top of the range yachts is very demanding as the windows are curved around multiple axis with changing radius. For measuring the shape and dimensions of a window frame, the mobile 3D industrial measurement system DPA is the ideal solution and it has proven its suitability in practice. Info


When every millimeter counts: 3D inspection at ALSTOM
ALSTOM in Salzgitter, Germany, is one of the leading suppliers of complete railway solutions and delivers motor units, wagons and locomotives as well as state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems. In order to achieve a higher fitting accuracy in the production of front FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) hoods and in car lining, ALSTOM makes use of the optical 3D industry measurement system DPA from AICON. Info


Inspection of bogies at the German railway company Deutsche Bahn
Until 2006, workers used typical dial indicators and a calibrated surface plate for the inspection of points and geometric features on the bogies. However, this technique proved to be inflexible and time consuming, and could not be used for new products. In order to increase efficiency, and help secure the economic future of the facility, Jens Makat, head of Locomotive Manufacturing in Bremen, started searching for an alternative measurement tool. After extensive testing, only one measuring system was found that met all requirements: AICON’s DPA. Info


Castings PLC see double with Comet L3D
Castings PLC had been looking for an inspection and reverse engineering solution for some time. Their research included demonstrations of an articulated arm with incorporated scanning based system as well as white and blue light scanning systems. During the UK launch of the L3D system at Steinbichler’s UK Agent, Central Scanning Ltd, Castings PLC brought a part along with them that had given other scanning companies a few headaches. Info


STEINBICHLER INSPECTplus Evaluation Software
As a solution provider and development partner, Erdrich Umformtechnik has developed into a global player in the area of metal forming technology in the course of the company’s 50-year history. In tool building, a main focus of the company is on the measurement of active forming components. The early detection of defects in production parts also plays a major role. Info


STEINBICHLER INSPECTplus Evaluation Software
As a provider of contract measurement services, Ingenieurbüro Rühmer conducts up to 1,000 initial sample tests per year for customers in a wide variety of industries. The past few years have shown a growing trend away from tactile measurements towards non-contact measurements. Reason enough for Rühmer to expand their portfolio by an optical measuring system. Info


MoveInspect HF
Rotor blade testing at the IWES
Founded in 2009, the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES in Bremerhaven/Germany specializes in research projects concerning renewable energy. Since 2011, the IWES has benefitted from AICON’s optical measuring system MoveInspect HF, which allows real-time 3d measurement even for a prolonged testing period and offers significant advantages in comparison to commonly used cable pull potentiometers. Info


COMETrotary and INSPECTplus Software
With more than 1,100 employees Lorenz Shoe Group AG, with its quality shoe brands Högl, Ganter und Hassia, is one of the leading European shoe manufacturers. Production takes place at the main plant in Hungary. The development of a new shoe model starts with the creation of a master model that is used as the basis for the subsequent series production. As the sole models were ground by hand in a time and work intensive process, Lorenz was looking for a measurement system to digitize the shoe lasts and then develop the soles in 3D. Info


Reverse Engineering at MOLIFREZA
Quick and easy 3D scanning service and reverse engineering with the COMET LƎD.
MOLIFREZA, a manufacturer of metal molds in Portugal, needed to reconstruct damaged mold tools which have reached the end of their life expectancy. Without the existence of a CAD file, this process was time consuming and was having a dramatic effect upon production. The ideal solution was to use 3D Scanning as the first step in the reverse engineering process. Info


Nominal-actual comparison to CAD using STEINBICHLER INSPECTplus
Qantos GmbH is a system supplier for customers in the fields of railway vehicles, passenger and utility vehicles as well as for other industry sectors. As the company increasingly encountered problems in obtaining accurate measurements of 3D free-form surfaces for first article inspection (FAI), in particular of glass-fiber reinforced plastic parts, Qantos GmbH decided to invest in a high-quality 3D measuring system. Info


TubeInspect HD
Robert Bosch inspects coiling elements with free-form measurement
TubeInspect HD solves the measurement task with the new free-form measurement function. Already within the first few months of application, the system has helped the company to improve the process quality. Info