Customized solutions for the process control

What offers QFP?

Development of customized solutions for every need of measurement and control, implementing vision systems and laser blade sensors.

The automatized solutions QFP could be implemented for:

  • the measurement
  • the control and optimization of the production process with the integration of automatic corrections.

Customized solutions QFP

QFP analyzes and identifies the most suitable sensor and measurement solutions for every individual production requirement. “Classic” examples are:

  • dimensional control applications on specific features
  • position controls
  • presence/absence of components
  • parts orientation
  • check for defects in filling/smudging

Customized solutions for the process control

The most advanced applications are those dedicated to the surface defect control. Thanks to developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence, this kind of application can now be implemented in various industrial sectors with reduced times and costs.

QFP offers also 2D and 3D vision and scanning sensors for rapid, efficient and productive automation:

  • 2D vision sensors for checking defects of casting and molded plastic parts
  • laser blade sensors for the identification and classification of surface defects

sensor and measurement solutions


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Advantages of the QFP solutions

The implementation of these systems offers numerous advantages. The main ones are:

  • economic: reduction of personnel costs, production time, non-compliant parts/batches and the consequent waste/rework costs
  • productive: production improvement, integration of automatic corrections, zero defect production
  • qualitative: 100% production control, objectification and repeatability of measurement and control, statistical analysis of data in real time
  • analytical: the objectification and digitization of measurements allow the acquisition of large amounts of data that can be used for the development and constant control of production.


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