Robotic machine enslavement system for CMM & VMM


Our expertise in building automatic servo systems allows us to provide systems connected to the measuring machines or control stations, guaranteeing the customer a single interface also for component loading, unloading and tracking operations.

The robotic machine enslavement system for CMM is designed to automate the measurement of components by a CMM machine. This system is much more than a simple loading and unloading device as it automatically recognizes the component to be measured and its serial number. This information, sent to the measurement machine’s controller, automatically loads the correct inspection cycle and links the measurement report to the component itself. The robotic system, pneumatic grippers, optical sensors, and logical connections make the installation and CMM an integrated, fully automatic cell that can operate for an entire shift without operator supervision. This system can be used in an industrial context for process control tasks conducted with CMM machines, automating a process that would otherwise be resource-intensive in terms of human resources.

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Key Features of the robotic machine enslavement system for measurement machines:

  • Fully automatic installation without the need for operator supervision.
  • Supplied with specific pallets for various parts, with a maximum capacity of approximately 100 units for smaller components, designed to cover an entire work shift.
  • Customizable pallets and grippers provide the system with a high degree of flexibility.
  • Component loading, handling, and unloading are managed by an anthropomorphic robot with the assistance of pneumatic grippers.

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