Standard and customized measurement solutions for 3D scanning

Over twenty years of experience in the field of metrology and exceptional technical competency and skills. QFP designs and develops completely customized automated solutions for 3d digitizing, tailored to customer requirements.

The product portfolio includes the Creaform R-Series and the QFP QBOX Family.

Creaform R-Series


QBOX Evolution with metrascan

QBOX Evolution

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Automated measuring cell with anthropomorphic industrial robot and optical blue laser technology system. Industrial solution for various part sizes and geometries available in 16 configurations able to measure hundreds of parts reliably and repetitively, every day.

QBOX Evolution

Industrial solution, designed and build according to specific customer needs. Ideal for components of any size. All the elements are integrated into a unique measurement environment, whose purpose is to be fully integrated with the production process. Automatic loading and unloading devices are provided, that can be performed at the same time of the measurement operations, integrated support systems for the component to be measured and automatic closing system, to make the whole system a “one click” application.

Advantages of the QFP solutions

QFP is a full-service system integrator and solution provider for design, development and integration of metrological solutions and customized automated cells for the process control.
Thanks to the partnership with the major companies in the industrial metrology market, QFP integrates the latest technology available on the market and provides excellent performance, with thigh quality standards and maximum reliability.

Measuring cells of QFP

The measuring cells of QFP are designed to be integrated into various industrial sectors, where 3D scanning measurement offers maximum performance.

The automated systems can be integrated in the metrology room (off line), for the sample control (at line) or into highly automated production lines (in Line). All the cells can be equipped with auxiliary automation systems such as:

  • interlocking systems with loading / unloading of the part that has to be checked,
  • 2D / 3D vision systems for automatic recognition of the loaded part also in bin picking,
  • devices for the detection of Barcode, QRcode, Datamatrix, useful for the purposes of product traceability
  • automated support equipment for the parts that has to be measured
  • marking and printing devices for product conformity validation.
  • management and data collection and process control systems (MES, Spc) and network integration.


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