New research project for hybrid energy storage systems

For years engaged in the development of electromechanical flywheel energy storage systems in the LFC category (Low Cost Flywheel Energy Storage) and thanks to a financing from the Ministry for Economic Development, QFP is participating in a research project for hybrid energy storage systems (H-ESS), obtained by combining these devices with the most traditional chemical accumulators (Batteries).

The main benefit of this system is that two different storage technologies can be integrated and used together, with their respective strengths, improving in this way the durability and performance of the integrated system.

The project is developed in collaboration with the most prestigious Umbrian companies such as Era Electronic System Srl, Umbra Cuscinetti SpA, University of Perugia and Vga srl.

QFP is pleased to inform you that, thanks to Prof. Linda Barrelli, Associate Professor at Department of Engineering – University of Perugia, the first results of the project are already the subject of scientific publications.
Here is the link to the interesting article:

More important results are coming soon …

“Barelli, L.; Bidini, G.; Bonucci, F.; Castellini, L.; Fratini, A.; Gallorini, F.; Zuccari, A. Flywheel hybridization to improve battery life in energy storage systems coupled to RES plants”. Energy. under review.

Stay tuned ????