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QFP develops and provides since 2002 Services and Solutions for Engineering, 3D Metrology, Automated 3D Measuring Systems and Customized Solutions for 3D scanning and process control for a wide variety of applications. A complete range of 3D contactless measurement devices allows QFP to handle any metrology task and digitizing application, providing measurement, inspection and reverse engineering services worldwide.


The continuous research of innovation, the competence and technical know- how of QFP’s high skilled metrology and automation engineers is always aimed to generate the highest service quality and customer satisfaction. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the field of metrology and exceptional technical competency and skills, QFP designs and develops completely customized solutions, tailored to customer requirements.


QFP’s vision is to develop solutions in order to make measuring and control systems automatic, multi-sensor, in the core of the production process and connected with it, with the purpose of generating a loop of automatic corrections of the production process, to increase the competitiveness of its customers in the global market.

QFP History

The milestones

2002: Foundation

QFP was established in 2002 as a distributor of the Steinbichler Gmbh optical and laser scanning systems.

QFP started offering to its customers 3D scanning services on-site, especially for those companies that doesn’t have the necessity to acquire a system. The result of the daily work side by side with our customers, analyzing their needs and seeking solutions together, was the successfully completion of many projects across a wide range of industries.

QFP, in collaboration with its customers and with Steinbichler, has developed the first robotic application for process control with the COMET System. An ABB robot has been integrated with the scanning system and it has been developed the first SW of integrated management that allows to carry out automatic measurement activities.

From 2005 to 2015

In the subsequent years, QFP has signed distribution agreements for the other measurement systems, to strengthen its proposal also in response to the growing market needs. As consequence QFP become an authorized distributor for: AICON 3D SYSTEMS GmbH, THIRD DIMENSION Ltd, INNOVMETRIC Ltd, INORA Ltd

QFP has worked continuously in large aerospace projects (A380, A330, A320, A350, B737, B747, ATR,..), directly managing large work packages in international environment, starting form concept design to final certification. This experience permits today the successful development of integrated design of the automated systems.

QFP has been constantly engaged in the design and implementation of automated measuring systems for customers such as FCA Pomigliano plant, Melfi plant, Cassino Plant, Augusta Westland, Alenia, improving its know-how in the construction of automatic measuring scanning systems.

From 2015 to today

In 2015 it introduced on the market QBOX, a measuring cell for quality and process control with blue light and laser, which today has evolved into a family of automatic cells that includes the use of collaborative robots.

QFP has launched a major company reorganization of all departments and management levels, necessary to proceed with the safe growing of the company, driven by the automation business from this time on.

In 2015 Steinbichler was acquired by Carl Zeiss and became ZEISS Optotechnik. QFP signed an agreement of exclusive distribution with Zeiss Italy for the distribution of ZEISS OPT products. QFP now works synergistically with Zeiss Italy for the promotion fo Zeiss Optotechnik products at the Italian territory

In 2016 QFP becomes ZEISS Business Partner and in 2019 a distributor of the measuring arms Kreon for the italian market.

Today QFP is a Creaform strategic partner for the Automated Solutions in Europe, has about thirty employees distributed in the two offices in Italy in Spoleto (PG) and Este (PD) and relies on a network of collaborators distributed throughout the territory to closely support its customers in Italy and in Europe.

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