Ace measuring arm

Ace measuring arm is the perfect system for contact and non-contact 3D measurements, on top of that it is particularly easy to use. Ace arm can be equipped with Skyline 3D scanners, an advanced range with blue laser.


  • High accuracy and repeatability.
  • Stable accuracy due to temperature compensation.
  • Axis limits detection to prevent bad using.
  • Immediatly ready to work, no preheating, no target to paste on the part.
  • Robust and suited to most of industrial environments.
  • Compatible with the leading application software of the market.


Ace 7 axis for scanning ergonomics
Choose a 7-axis arm to scan easily and effortlessly due to its handle and ergonomic design. KREON 7-axis brings more flexibility to properly handle the scanner.

Ace 6 axis for probing and accuracy
Kreon Ace 6 axis is made for accuracy. It is mainly used for probing operations with high requirements.

Comfort and efficiency

  • Shock absorber for a smooth return to the rest position.
  • Probe diameter autodetection.
  • Internal counterbalance to lighten the weight of the arm and work longer.
  • Ergonomic handle with “Push and Pull” trigger.
  • Stable magnetic rest position.

Ace arms sizes

To meet the customers’ needs diversity, Kreon has developed a range of 6- and 7-axis Ace arms from 2 m to 4.5 m working volume.

To choose the most suitable portable CMM for your application, the working volume and the accuracy of the system have both to be considered.

Technical specifications

Ace 6 axes Point repeatability Volumetric accuracy
ACE-6-20 0.018 mm 0.026 mm
ACE-6-25 0.023 mm 0.034 mm
ACE-6-30 0.030 mm 0.043 mm
ACE-6-35 0.039 mm 0.056 mm
ACE-6-40 0.054 mm 0.067 mm
ACE-6-45 0.072 mm 0.082 mm

Ace 7 axes Point repeatability Volumetric accuracy
ACE-6-20 0.022 mm 0.032 mm
ACE-6-25 0.027 mm 0.038 mm
ACE-6-30 0.042 mm 0.051 mm
ACE-6-35 0.054 mm 0.062 mm
ACE-6-40 0.069 mm 0.074 mm
ACE-6-45 0.078 mm 0.089 mm


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