Optical Scanning Systems


QFP offers a wide range of portable 3D scanning systems characterized by high scanning speed and accuracy. Our contactless 3D scanners are the best solution for 3D digitization of physical models, quality control and reverse engineering. All models of the 3D scanning systems are portable, easy to use and characterized by exceptional performance.

How does structured light scanning work?

Structured light scanning systems are equipped with tracking cameras that project a structured light pattern onto an object, these lines are deformed and the cameras acquire the deformation and therefore the profile of the object.

Structured light scanning

The resulting STL file can be implemented in further processes, such as Rapid Prototyping, Quality Control or 3D printing.

The sensors of the optical 3D scanners are also equipped with adaptive projection, which allows you to adjust the amount of light projected on the object. This helps the acquisition of objects with non-collaborative or reflective surfaces.

The real advantage of optical 3D systems is the possibility to acquire a large number of points (hundreds of thousands or even millions of points) even on very large measurement volumes, guaranteeing an extremely high and detailed image resolution.

In which industrial sectors is 3D scanning technology applied?

Structured light scanners can be applied in all industrial sectors, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Energetic
  • Foundries, mechanical workshops, molding
  • Artistic, Cultural heritage, Restoration

For which processes?

3D scanners can be implemented in a wide range of production processes, such as:

  • Plastic molding
  • Steel molding
  • Aluminum molding
  • Sheet metal stamping
  • Metal forming
  • Plastic injection and forging
  • Additive manufacturing

Which are the benefits for the companies?

The benefits that companies gain by applying 3D laser scanning technology to their processes are many:

  • Easy to use and intuitive instrumentation
  • Fast training
  • Scanning of elements with different surfaces and geometries
  • Cost and time reduction
  • Quick and easy acquisition of any physical object


With the push of a button, ZEISS O-SELECT evaluates features and documents the results.

With O-INSPECT from ZEISS, every feature can be optimally measured, optically or by contact.

Zeiss Comet

Comet offers great flexibility, a high measuring speed and impressive performance.

Comet L3D 2 Base sensor quickly captures millions of surface points and now visualizes them as a 3D model

Measure quickly and easily: High resolution, exceptional flexibility and project-oriented workflows for maximum efficiency


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