ZEISS O-Select

Measure reliably at the push of a button

ZEISS O-SELECT makes the optical measurement of 2D and 3D parts easy and reliable. Thanks to fully automatic setting of both illumination and focus, measuring errors due to operator influence are eliminated. With the simple push of a button, ZEISS O-SELECT evaluates the characteristics and documents the results – also in a professional report if needed.


Fields of application

Whether it is used in the automotive, electronics or plastics processing industries, ZEISS O-SELECT provides precisely the simplicity and reliability needed in today’s industrial environment. The digital measuring projector is particularly suitable for checking the dimensional accuracy of distances, radii or angles. Common test parts include punched and formed parts as well as injection-molded and laser-cut workpieces.

Fields of application

ZEISS O-SELECT measures characteristics like angles, distances and radii quickly and reliably

Intelligent, compact and reliable

The efficient system for 2D and 3D geometries
The ZEISS O-SELECT hardware and software are optimally matched to ensure that 2D and 3D geometries can be inspected with outstanding speed and reliability. Its compact size and robustness allow ZEISS O-SELECT to be installed at practically any location. You can measure your test parts precisely where you need to – whether in the receiving area or in production.

Measuring in new dimensions

The shifting table can be moved automatically and allows larger components to be measured quickly. The optional measuring field enlargement enables reliable and fast measurements across the entire extended measuring field at the push of a button – and, as usual, in accordance with the ISO standard 10360.

Measuring in new dimensions with the measuring field enlargement

Easily extend the measuring range
The optional measuring field enlargement expands the measuring range on the X axis from 114 mm to 214 mm, enabling larger workpieces to be measured with a single measurement plan. Tasks performed with the shifting table are optimized for use with the backlight. Positioning the shifting table ensures that the workpiece is captured completely by the camera unit. The autofocus can also continue be used for the standard measuring range. This also applies to quick, direct measurements in the live image and the immediate creation of the measurement plan.

Create professional reports

In the standard report (see below, left) and using the traffic light display (see below, right) in the image the operator can see at a glance if the values are within tolerance.
The number of the total errors per measuring run and the number of defects per characteristic can be collected in the “Process Report.” Trends and problematic characteristics can be identified immediately.
ZEISS PiWeb reporting features many possibilities for creating the report, including the “Table Report” and the “Process Report.”

Create professional reports

The fastest way to get your results


Appliance dimensions (LxWxH) 402 mm x 510 mm x 727 mm
Measuring range dimensions without moving table 114 mm x 91.5 mm
Measuring range dimensions with movable table 214 mm x 91.5 mm
System components Digital measurement projector, workstation, monitor, Zeiss’ NEO select software


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