GapGun Pro 2

The new GapGun Pro2 is a precision non – contact measurement tool designed for the needs of metrology professionals.

How GapGun Pro 2 works

GapGun Pro 2 projects a laser blade on the part to be measured (angle, bevel, radius, play, etc.). The blade undergoes a deformation on the surface of the object, GapGun Pro 2 records this deformation by acquiring the measurement of the component.

GapGun Pro 2 mounts several measuring heads with different volume and accuracy. The innovation associated with the Pro 2 version is represented by the T60 measuring head, available with red blade (for metallic and reflective surfaces) and violet (ultraviolet blade for transparent surfaces such as plastics, glass and crystals, but also efficient on metal surfaces).


Gap Gun Pro 2 T60 Features

CREATE BESPOKE CHECKPLANS. SPC3d Software lets you define sequences of measurements including photos that users can follow with minimal training.

SHARE MEASUREMENT PLANNING. Manage multiple GapGun Pro2s using one software, SPC3d, and have multiple operators working at once from one plan.

TOUCH SCREEN INTERFACE. Navigate through checkplans easily with GapGun Pro2’s touch screen.

EXPORT MEASUREMENT RESULTS EASILY. Export measurement results easily to CSV, SQL, XML, Excel, PDF and other file formats. Interface with most leading SPC packages such as QDAS.

ON SCREEN RESULTS ANALYSIS. View cross sections of the measurement area and results analysis on-screen using standard red/green colouring conventions and warning sounds to indicate go/no go conditions.

CHANGEABLE SENSOR HEADS. Our trademarked “VChange” mechanism mean you can switch between sensor heads easily and quickly.

ACCESS HARD-TO-REACH PLACES WITH EXTENSION CABLE. Take measurements in awkward and small places, when you use the sensor head extention cable.

FULLY INTEGRATED WI-FI CAPABILITY. Feed measurement back to your production systems in real-time.

MULTIPURPOSE DESK DOCK. Download data straight to the PC and charge simultaneously.

HI-RANGE SENSOR HEAD CAPABILITY. Measure a range of surfaces including light clusters, chrome, high gloss black paint and carbon fibre.

Gap Gun Pro 2 T60 Advantages

GapGun Pro 2 offers numerous advantages, such as:

  • Rely on a robust tool. GapGun Pro2 is IP rated and drop tested. Proven to take 1 million measurements in one year.
  • Take ultra-fast measurements. The GapGun Pro2 has a measurement cycle of just 1 second.
  • Enjoy a portable and ergonomic tool. The GapGun Pro2 can be taken to the part and can run for up to 8 hours. 100% operator approved.


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