3D Measurement

Since 2002 QFP carries out 3D Contactless Measurement Services. Our technicians have an exceptional experience in the capture of the most complex geometries and we have the most extensive and updated range of 3D contactless measurement systems, to best meet every demands of measurement. Thanks to the portability of the systems, where required or when it is not appropriate to move the parts that are to be measured, we perform the activities at customer’s sites anywhere in the world.

QFP has the latest generation of 3D digitalization systems with optical and laser technology in order to guarantee the best quality for the measure of any scanned part. The speed and the accuracy of these tools can transform 100% of a surface into high definition 3D point clouds. Thanks to the wide range of systems at our disposal we can scan objects from very small dimensions (few millimeters: tools, jewelry..) up to very large dimensions (many meters: hulls, wind turbines, industrial plants), always using the most appropriate device to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

All the systems are calibrated using certify artifacts from PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) to guarantee the accuracy and traceability of the measurement. Having 3D measurement of 100% of the surfaces of complex shapes, with a hundredth accuracy and in digital format, has a significant added value. All the data can be shared via internet/intranet in a very short time everywhere in the world with customers or suppliers, the digitized object can be quickly reproduced in a scaled size or after modifications, the measurement can be used for 3D dimensional inspection, the data can be archived as reference database, used for 3D rendering and many more applications can be developed based on specific needs.

QFP is the only Italian company equipped with Optical Tracking Systems to measure the 3D coordinates of moving points in real time, like deformation due to mechanical or thermal loads.

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