Dimensional Controls

For more than ten years QFP offers contactless measurement services and dimensional control report. As distributors, we have always up-to-date measurement systems and softwares at our disposal. We offer measurement services by 3D optical scan systems, by laser systems, by traditional CMMs and, exclusive in Italy, 3D contactless deformation analysis services in real time. The 3D inspection, made with 3D contactless measurement with optical technology, measures 100% of the surface of an object. Thanks to the 3D Scan Systems, the measurement of the entire surface of an object allows to know the gaps and to make visible the progress of the error. This is an exceptional advantage during the development phase of a product, it makes possible to understand if the defect are due e.g. to shrinkage, to spring back effects, to alignment problems, to the material distribution, etc.. It is possible to have an immediate evaluation of the part conformity through colour maps, where the deviations between nominal and measured data are shown on a colour based scale; numerical values are always immediately available in any point.

Moreover it is possible to perform all the measurements that can be done with a standard Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM), with a much more powerful capabilities in the GD&T inspection due to the very high number of measured points. QFP provides inspection reports on a printable format or as 3D file that, thanks to free visualization software, allows the customer to extract additional measurements by itself and to share the information with colleagues, suppliers or customers all over the world. The digitizing systems have the exceptional characteristic to measure millions of points per second (up to 16 Ml), independently by the shape of the object surface. Therefore they are much more faster than the traditional contact machine (CMM) and the advantages are greater as more complex is the surface to be measured.

The accuracy of the measurement results is guaranteed by periodical checks of the systems with calibration controls, all the procedures are in accordance with internal rules according to ISO 9001-2008. All the digitizing systems used by QFP are provided with certified calibration artefacts, the calibration processes are performed according to VDI/VDE 2634. In dimensional inspection this is extremely important because not all the digitizing systems can be considered real measurement systems.

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