QFP has available an excellent Design Office to support the customers in any phase of the product development, from concept design to production. More than ten years of experience in Aerospace, Motor Sport and Mechanical design, the deep knowledge of the Reverse Engineering processes, of the NC programming and of many production processes, lead QFP to have an excellent design skills to optimize at the best the product quality and the production cost. Advanced CAD and CAE software, the careful management of the projects and of the products structure, together with the long experience gained in International environments, make QFP the ideal partner to develop with innovative solutions for competitive and efficient products.

The structural and thermal analyses of single parts and assemblies, dynamic simulations, advanced investigations in mechanisms and kinematics, performed by the QFP engineers, allow to evaluate all the functioning and environmental conditions during the design phase to quickly produce functional and efficient products. Thanks to long term relationships with various production companies, QFP provides not only design activities but the supply of prototypes, manufacturing tools, assembly jigs and inspection jigs, thus giving to the customer the advantage to have a single supplier for the entire process.

QFP has a special long experience in the Aerospace with special skills in Structure and Mechanism design of Passenger and Cargo Doors. In this specific area already completed many projects, all Flying, like Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A380, A350, Boeing B737, B747. Our design services include the project management, the constant customer update on the program development, the product management and the document preparation from instruction manual to certification documents. All the projects are strictly controller according to the procedures established according to the Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. Every step of the projects, from design to product, is constantly monitored by our technician able to solve any critical issue. The detailed planning and an excellent internal collaboration system make us able to maintain a good team oriented to provide to the customer the highest quality.

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