Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering allows to create a mathematical model of an object with the digitalization of the object itself. This process can be dealt with different techniques depending on the type of part and the specific customer’s needs. When are requested high levels of reproduction, are used specific Reverse Engineering Softwares that allow a perfect adherence of the surfaces to the acquired data and then to reproduce accurately the object. When instead is more relevant the engineering of the part, the reconstruction is made through Reverse Modeling techniques, using CAD modeling.

The first step is the scan of the object in order to create the mathematical model, this process is very efficient thanks to the 3D contactless digitalization system with optical technology. Starting from the scan with 3D digitizing systems and using the PolyWorks Modeler software, the second step is the processing of the acquired data being able to obtain a polygonal STL file using flat and curvature-based hole filling, boundary reconstruction, sharp edge and corner reconstruction. The third step is the reconstruction of surfaces using the Polyworks software and the Cad modeling. The Polyworks Modeler allows to use different techniques to reconstruct surfaces using the triangle mesh. The detection of a network of curves enables to create patches for Nurbs surfaces with curvature/tangent continuity. Our software allows to create the output at different steps of the process until the IGES of Nurbs surfaces.

Reverse Modeling

The Reverse modeling allows the reconstruction and the engineering of the 3D mathematical model with a Cad software. This process begins with the results of the 3D contactless measurement with optical technology, and it reconstructs the object as per feature starting from scratch. In this way it is possible to use the measurement results without constrains, assigning different quotas to different areas of the model, changing them if the client requests it. This activity allows to obtain 3D Cad models as result of the digitalization, avoiding imperfections and asymmetries, that are always present in the physical models for wear or due to the production process.

We offer excellent results, that we can modify following the client’s request. It is possible to use this Cad reconstruction for mechanical parts, foundries, sheet metal forming and plastics.

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